Why Fortune

Guiding Principles

Real Value. Real Quality. Integrity.

At Fortune Homes we are committed to real value, real quality and most of all unwavering integrity. It is with this commitment that we make each decision, every day to everyone in conducting our lives both in business and personally. It’s a commitment to each customer, each trade partner, each associate and the community we work and live in.

Real Value

Value means different things to each person. We understand that. It is our business to know what constitutes real value to home buyers. To a home buyer we know that the benefit and usefulness of what we build, from the plan itself to the finishing touches, versus the cost of that benefit is what is regarded as value. It is our mission to provide the truest value possible.

Real Quaility

Quality is a subjective term often understood differently by different people. We believe that in all things and in home building there should be a commonly understood definition of quality. Fortune Homes believe that in home building it should mean superior products provided in a useful manner and purpose. Homes were meant to last a lifetime and to provide an expected benefit to the owner for the duration. We believe that is still true and at Fortune Homes that is our mission.


The word integrity means having honesty and good moral virtue. Being honest is being truthful and sincere. Having virtue means showing high moral standards. We at Fortune Homes believe that the principles of value and quality cannot take you far without real Integrity. It is our guiding principle to be honest and sincere in all aspects of our business. That is why we are committed to continually improving our homes, to provide the home buyer with real value, real quality and real honesty for all the right reasons. To make the community and the world we live in a better place one house at a time.

"Our homes are an organized, scheduled event with daily supervision leaving nothing to chance and ensuring your home will be done right, one time and within budget."

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