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Have questions and want answers? You will find some answers here broken down into three categories: Construction, sales and financial.


Why purchase a Fortune Home versus other builder homes?

We believe there is no sense in building homes that people won't love to live in. It makes no sense for you to buy one that doesn’t meet your needs and budget. We take time to get to know you, what you like, what you need and what your budget is. So we ask the questions, do the research and turn that into something that makes you want to come home.

We are committed to quality construction and energy efficiency. We build environmentally conscious for the sustaining of our planet. We look for plans with good function and flow, plans with good street appeal and good architectural features. We combine good plans with well thought out color schemes and product selection. The end result, a great home you’ll be proud of.

We work endlessly to improve procedures and processes to create the best final product possible and a smoother stress free buying experience. We are constantly reviewing our plan and product selections, our field process, scheduling and quality control. We are with you from start to finish, from defining the dream to defining the budget, selecting a plan and options, making sure you are kept informed through the building process. We walk you through your finished home and make sure any warranty issues are resolved promptly. We are not a production builder so we offer you greater value not volume.

Why buy new versus resale?

While you may find some bargains in the resale market the really good deals often are gone before you find them. The primary advantage of a new home is that codes, products and building science have greatly improved over the years. Builders such as Fortune Homes must meet tough new building codes so we are focused on the most current building materials and techniques and the latest in energy efficiency. Your comfort, safety and enjoyment are most apt to be increased in a recently build home by a reputable builder. Often you will have the ability to customize more to your own taste. Don’t forget the 2-10 Warranty with a new Fortune Home.

What are some of the general steps in building a home?

Once you have selected a builder you are comfortable with, you select land that fits your needs. At this point you can pick a plan from us, find your own or have one drawn that fits your needs, wants, the land and your budget.

After lot is selected, plan selected, budget determined and agreement written and signed, the plan is taken to city or county for review and approval. Once plan is approved a permit is purchased and site is staked out and made ready for the construction process. Please refer to our process to see a detailed list. Getting Started

How long does it take to build?

The length of time for construction varies depending on the size and complexity of the home. Smaller spec homes usually take 90-120 days. Most custom homes are completed in 120-180 days. The weather and other delays can extend this time period. Planning, designing and budgeting the home will take some time prior to the construction process.

How and when do I make my final selections?

Once you have signed a contract to have a home built you will have an opportunity to schedule your first appointment to make your final choices from approved selection of finish products for the development. If you have chosen to build a custom home with us your final selection will be from your agreed specifications. We will help you to decide final colors and finishes. Some items will need to be chosen earlier than others due to lead time from supplier, such as cabinets. Usually all selections need to be made within 3 weeks of purchasing home. Roofing and exterior colors will need to be selected on first appointment and within about 1 week from agreement. Other items can be selected within the 3 week period. Sooner is always better than later to keep from delaying the construction process.

When do I review the construction of my home?

You will get several opportunities to check on the process of the construction of your new home. First of course, you will see the site where your new home will become a reality. Once the excavation, foundation and framing is complete you will get your Homeowner visit number two. You’ll be guided by your Fortune Homes superintendent or other representative for a professional tour and to help verify rough in locations for plumbing and electrical items. This is also a good time to verify exterior details such as concrete layout and siding details. Hard surface floor layout is finalized at this time also. Once the insulation, drywall, interior painting and cabinet and trim are installed you will have another opportunity to verify the progress of your new home and to determine final backsplash and other tile work. If you see something amiss now is the time to let us know. Put it writing and give it to your Fortune Homes representative and we will check to make sure it is right.

Once the home is complete you will get a New Home Orientation. This is the presentation or your new home to you by your Fortune Home superintendent or other representative. You will have an opportunity to thoroughly inspect your new home and be demonstrated to how it all works. If you find anything that needs attention we will note it on the Buyers Orientation form and see that it gets attention promptly. Plan to set aside 60-90 minutes for this orientation walk through.

Your Fortune Homes Representative will call you to schedule all visits to your home and for the Home Buyers Orientation. If extra visits are needed they may be scheduled at an appropriate time.

Does my new home come with a warranty?

Yes, of course. Fortune Homes offers the normal one year warranty but in addition it supplies a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty policy with each home paid for by us. There are also the typical manufacture warranties that apply to your home.

What are Homeowner Associations and CC&Rs?

Homeowner associations govern and control the guidelines set forth for the development. They typically are made up of all homeowners and have an elected Board of Directors to set budgets and collect fees for the operation of the Association. CC&Rs are the covenants, conditions and restrictions for the development –the rules for homeowners and guest to adhere to. It will address things like architectural changes you can make to your home and activities that you may engage in. CC&Rs, while being somewhat restrictive, help maintain the value of your home and the community you live in. While not all developments have Homeowner Associations, most will have some form of CC&Rs. If there are CC&Rs but no Association there are usually no fees assessed. CC&Rs are enforceable by law and are a form of contract that you have agreed to. This is most often a very positive event.


Buying or selling a home often involves using the services of a Real Estate agent. There are different relationships in these transactions: A buyer’s agent is an agent that represents the interest of the buyer only. A seller’s agent will have the best interest of the seller in mind. A dual agent has chosen to represent both the buyer and seller and will work to the best common interest of both parties. This relationship must be clearly stated by the agents involved for their protection and yours.

Do I need a Realtor to purchase a Fortune Home?

Fortune Homes is pleased to work with your Realtor in purchasing a home from us and at times Fortune Homes will engage a Realtor to market their homes. It is possible is some instances to purchase a home directly from Fortune Homes. We have marketed and sold most of our homes over the past 25 years and are plenty capable of working directly with a buyer. If you are working with a Realtor or are more comfortable working with one we are happy to accommodate this arrangement.


While we may be able to answer some of your questions regarding the financial side of purchasing a new home much of what you need to know will be best answered by the lending firm that you choose to work with. A good lending firm is like a good builder. It needs to be someone that you trust and are comfortable working with for a few months and longer. The primary concern is to get preapproved before the search for a home begins and understand the terms and conditions that will apply to your new mortgage.

Primarily your lender will want to know your credit score, your money in the bank and your employment and earning status. There are different types of loans and different lengths of the terms and your lender will explain these to you. Each person’s situation is different so different loans fit better for some. It is critical that the terms and conditions of your mortgage is something that you can see your way through. Good financing goes hand and hand with a good house to make a wonderful home you’ll enjoy for many years. We can recommend a lender and answer specific questions you may have. Or at least point you in the right direction for good advice.

Yakima Federal Savings bank is Central Washington's Preferred Financial Center. Visit their website to use their useful mortage calculators.

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