Getting Started

1. Keeping it simple

2. The Dream

3. The Budget

4. The Plan

5. The Features

6. The Agreement

7. The Reality

Keeping it Simple

Define The Dream-Make a Budget-Choose a Plan-Select The Features-Sign an Agreement.

The Dream

Define the wishes, wants and the needs.

The Budget

Narrow the list down from the wants and needs. Find the money.

The Plan

Choose a plan that meets the needs and wants. The Blue Print.

The Features

Add the features that make it your own. Dress it up.

The Agreement

Sign an agreement to build or buy an existing home. The Commitment .

The Reality

Watch your home being built or get the keys to one already finished. Fulfill the dream.

Selecting the Path

If you are looking for a new home, we are ready to help – whether you choose one of our spec homes, or build a pre-sale or custom home with us. We think buying a home should be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. To help simplify the process, we have broken down the three types of home processes to help you on your way. Maybe your have heard the terms before, but are a little confused about how the process works for each. This section will explain how Fortune Homes handles each of these types of processes.

Spec Home

A spec home is a home that is built to the builder’s specifications with no input from the buyer. An agreement can be written anytime to purchase this home at time of completion.

Pre-Sale Home

A pre-sale home is usually a plan out of Fortune Homes plan portfolio and built on one of our lots. The benefit of a pre-sale over a spec home (a home that is purchased as designed by the builder with no buyer input) is that you have the opportunity to make changes to the house plan you chose to make it unique to you. Sometime structural changes can be made along with finish selections such as stone selection, roof color, plumbing and lighting fixtures, locations for electrical outlets, cabinet color and design. There is a list of standard specifications for each home and anything selected beyond that will have to be paid for at time of selection on a Change Order.

A pre-sale home is financed by Fortune Homes during construction and then buyer closes on property when home is complete. It is necessary to get a pre-qualification letter from your financial lending institution at time of contract signing. Fortune Homes also requires a construction deposit to begin construction of your new home. This home is still unique to you because you have the opportunity to personalize the home before it has started.

Custom Home

A custom home allows you to have the flexibility in home site and home plan. Whether you have your own plan already designed, a plan in mind, or just have a little sketch in your head, we can help you turn that plan or vision into a reality. Fortune Homes can set you up with a designer that can formulate your plan ideas onto paper. From there we create building specifications with optional upgrades to make the final selections as simple as possible. This design bid process can be as simple or as intense as you wish. This is your time to help us shape your dream home.

A custom home also means you carry the construction financing during construction. During the design bid stage you will need to be finalizing your lending institution selection, if applicable, so contract documents can be given to that institution once they are complete. It very important to be pre-qualified for a dollar amount for a construction loan prior to the design bid process so the appropriate home can be designed and specified for you.

A custom home is usually completely unique to you. It is your vision and we work with you through every phase from design to final cleaning to make it a reality.

Quality control, checklists and on-site supervison

Fortune Homes does not believe that the results you will call home should be left up to chance. Our process of constructing homes includes budgeting, scheduling and check lists to assure the timely and accurate completion of your home. All of our homes have sufficient on site supervision to be sure that the schedule, budget and home is delivered as promised. We do not reach for quantity over quality. What Fortune Homes builds will be around for a long time. We want you to be proud of it. We want to be proud of it. So, yes, we are on it.

Completion, home orientation and making it right

Fortune Homes is with you all the way, from the first meeting to completion. From the vision to the reality. Prior to turning over the keys your new home will have been inspected not only by city or county inspectors, Fortune Homes will have thoroughly inspected your home from every aspect to be sure it will meet yours and our expectations. At this point a home orientation will be performed to acquaint you with your home and give opportunity to inspect and note any deficiencies discovered. Beyond this there is a 30-day and 11-month inspection request that can be submitted for items needing attention. Our belief is that if we do our job right you may not need these. That is our goal.

Looking to build a custom home? We can build on your lot or ours.

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