Construction Process


  • A pre-construction meeting is held at site for layout and marking for excavation.
  • Excavation for foundation and utilities.
  • Install foundation and uilities.
  • Inspect and backfill foundation and utilities.
  • Compact and prepgarage floor for concrete.


  • Garage floor is poured prior to framing, weather permitting.
  • Structure is framed, roofing installed and mechanical trades begin as framing is completed.
  • Exterior porches and patios are formed, poured and finished at this time.


  • Rough plumbing, heating and air and electrical work is done at this time.
  • Pipes, ductwork and wiring is placed in walls, ceilings and crawl space.
  • When inspected and approved insulation work can begin.


  • At this point in the process all wall ceiling insulation bats are placed along with any vapor barrier required.
  • When inspected and approved drywall wall work begins.

Drywall and Painting

  • Once insulation installed and inspected drywall is hung.
  • Drywall is inspected for proper nailing, then taping and mudding and finally texture is applied as specified.
  • Interior walls and ceilings are painted and home cleaned again before any finish work.
  • Exterior painting and finish stucco coat applied. At this same time hard surface flooring is installed.

Cabinets and Trim

  • Cabinet and interior doors and trim installed.
  • At this time any painted millwork is prepped and painted.
  • Counter tops are installed and tile backsplash and tile shower work is completed.


  • Mechanical trims are completed and carpet installed.
  • The home is given a final cleaning and inspection by builder.
  • City/County final inspection is completed and a Certificate of Occupation is issued.
  • At this time a Homeowner Orientation is performed by Builder and Homeowner and any corrections are noted.
  • It is key time. Dream is complete!

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